About Me


My experience in the music business got me to work with amazing artists including Archie Lee Hooker, Neil Black, Clément Jacques, Charles Landry, She’s Drunk, Dance Laury Dance, Elete and along side very inspirational producers / engineers such as Al Schmitt , Antoine Gratton, or Fab Dupont who wrote a lovely article about my work which you can read at PUREMIX.NET.

My producing philosophy is one of serving the song and capturing an emotion. I'm based in Montreal, but I'm use to recording abroad, my travel rig fits in a plane friendly Pelican hard case. My strength is to be able to scale a production to any budget, adapting and optimizing ressources into the best final output possible. Contact me to budget your project according to your needs and means.

Mixing & Mastering

I work in my professionally treated room, monitored by Focal. Most of my in-the-box processing is done through 8 cores of UAD plug-ins, which I have been collecting and using since 2006. My mastering services are wide: CD, Radio Broadcast, MP3, iTunes, Youtube optimized, etc... I can also restore and convert vinyl records. Contact me to try out a mastering or a mix for your project, my fees are very competitive and am often ready to do a test for free.


I have a small dry booth, but I really push remote recordings. My mobile rig can be set up almost anywhere; churches, wood cabins, live venues, etc… I can adapt to any environment and believe the artist’s creativity is highly affected by the ambiance and atmosphere we record in. My microphone collection is extensive, but when extra equipment is needed, I rent from Studio Economik. For more critical recordings or when a large room is needed, I like to work at Studio Piccolo.


I have worked extensively as a sound mixer, editor and cameraman for the audio-visual industry and have no problem working on feature documentaries, films, magazines or full TV series. My experience counts over a hundred hours of broadcasted material (Radio-Canada, Canal Évasion, ARTV…) also including many short, documentaries and corporate films. (Pierre Richard, IFF, 3Wayste Technologies, ICE.com…).

Selected Music Credits

Zen Bamboo / Vol.3 Carrière solo - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

Zen Bamboo / Vol.2 Plus mature, plus assumé - Mastered

Zen Bamboo / Vol.1 Juvénile - Mastered

Clément Jacques / Chromatique - Produced, recorded

Simon Walls / Atty Bouma - Mastered

Charles Landry / Ton Coeur - Produced, recorded, mixed

Dance Laury Dance / Laser Shark EP - Mastered

Elete / Taar - Mastered

Scott Thomson / Ode à Agatha Christie - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

Clément Jacques / INDIEN Acoustique EP - Mixed

Bob Décibel / Vol. 1 - Mixed, mastered

Philippe Lauzier / Symphonie Portuaire - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

SHAM / LOST - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

She's Drunk / Nadège Ouganda (single) - Mixed

Archie Lee Hooker / Live at the Climax DVD - Produced, mixed, mastered

Guido Del Fabro / Corsaire Sur Le Fleuve - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

SHAM / Fast Life Cafe - Recorded, mastered

Clément Jacques / INDIEN - Produced, recorded, assisted mix

Félix Lafrance / Simulation (single) - Produced, recorded, mixed

Clément Jacques / Live at Place Des Arts - Produced, recorded, mixed (live)

SHAM / Chains Of Freedom - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

She's Drunk / Showdown EP - Mixed

Szidon / SOS Célibataire (Original theme) - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

Szidon / Vendredi Vino (Original theme) - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered

Félix Lafrance / EP - Mastered.

She's Drunk / How I Felt (single) - Mastered.

Premier Amour / Film music - Produced, recorded, mixed